Do you want to win your ex boyfriend back into your life? Maybe, you’ve heard about the No Contact Rule but still don’t know if text messaging an ex boyfriend will actually help you or hurt you. If you truly want to get your ex boyfriend back, but you’re not sure if text messaging will truly hurt your chances, keep reading and find out how text messaging an ex boyfriend can completely destroy your chances of getting him back for good.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the No Contact Rule but do you really understand the importance of it? Essentially, the rule of no contact means stopping all forms of contacting your ex boyfriend. This includes emailing and text messaging him too. Pretty much, stop all forms of contact.

Why should the no contact rule help you get your ex boyfriend back?

The rule of no contact does many things. First, it gives you time to heal from your breakup and allows you the time you need to get in the right frame of mind to attract your ex back. Next, it gives your ex a chances to feel the consequence of his decision in breaking up with you.

The more you text your ex boyfriend, the more he gets the advantage of having you in his life without the obligation of being in a relationship. Do you want to maintain a relationship with him even if he’s not committed to being in one? I didn’t think so.

Of course, you don’t want that to happen. By applying the no contact rule, you are also giving him a big chance to miss you. Ever heard of “time apart makes the heart grow fonder?” This is basically the desired effect you’re going for.

Instead of text messaging your ex, why don’t you spend some time focusing on yourself? Are there aspects in your life that you could improve on? Perhaps, other relationships in your life have suffered along the way. If so, take this time to work on them.

While in a relationship, people usually set aside old interest and relationships. Take this time to contact again your friends and family and even make some new friends.

Take this period in your life to improve yourself. Do you have some extra weight you could benefit from losing? Maybe, you’ve been putting off on getting a new job or career? Either way, once you begin improving your life, your ex boyfriend will see that you’re not sitting at home with a gallon of ice cream and pining for him. He’ll actually be very curious to why you’re not sitting at home and miserable without him.

Rather than text messaging him, go out and enjoy life. Seeing that you love yourself enough to be happy in your life, he will feel attracted to you again. Remember, your ex boyfriend used to be crazy about you until the stress of life got in the way. Did life’s stresses make you unattractive?

Breakups seriously suck and they can completely undo anyone’s self-esteem or confidence. But if you apply the rule of no contact, the higher your chances of getting your ex boyfriend back in your life. Remember, do everything you can to heal yourself from the inside out, from there on, you can take the next step into getting back in touch with him. Don’t give up hope, because it’s not too late.

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