Hey girl,

Believe it or not, your hair is one of the most important things on you! Even if you want to, you can’t wear a hat all day and night long, can you? At one point you’ll have to take the hat off, and your husband will maybe see something he shouldn’t. Bad hair cut, or a greasy, cranky hair can ruin the chemistry between you and your husband. You don’t want that. Let me give you a couple of advices to get gorgeous hair and make your husband faint!

Although your husband knows you quite well, believe me that a bad hair will definitely turn him down.

Having a nice hair is sometimes hard to reach! I don’t have time for that! It’s to expensive! It takes a lot of time even if I find some! OK. The fact is, it doesn’t have to be like this.

I’ve had the same hair cut for ages. I think from the year my second baby was born, which was long time ago. I just didn’t have time for it. I didn’t have time to make it nice, and to be completely honest, sometimes I didn’t even have time to wash and dry my hair! It seemed that my husband didn’t pay any attention to it. OMG I was so wrong! I couldn’t be more wrong! No wonder he wasn’t interested in touching my hair, ever! No wonder he almost fainted when he saw me shining, confident and satisfied.

Feel good about yourself by having clean and approachable hair! It will increase your self-confidence.
It make your husband interested in touching and caressing it.

My very cool and dear friend Mary gave me fantastic advices that helped me a lot. The most important was that my hair became so beautiful that my husband almost fainted first time he saw “new me”. I was different. I felt stylish and beautiful.

Watch out if your shampoo is for long or short hair. Is it for straight or curly? Is it for colored or natural? If you are fighting your hair for long time, this is the first thing to check!

Play with nice gentle colors! Try with color shampoo at the beginning if you are afraid of big change. The change you make will definitely make your husband more interested for you when he comes back from work!

Take off that rubber bands, for Christ sake! If that’s the only way you keep your hair, then it means that you don’t have a haircut! Change it! Make yourself happy!

Comb your hair each time before going to bed! You and your husband don’t want to eat your hair for breakfast! Do it in bathroom so, there will be less cleaning in other rooms!

When was the last time you changed your hair style? If you can’t remember, then it’s the right time to do it now! Don’t hesitate, it’s just hair! It will grow again for sure! Make your husband ask himself what you’ll think next! He might even give you some advices and share some secret wishes!

Conditioner is not the same as hair mask! Conditioner only helps you comp your hair more easily!

Don’t be silly and just run to reach new hair style from some celebrity! Choose your own style and the one that fits your head! Also be sure if this year short and dark hair is a must, next season will be long and blond. If you hair is getting oily during the night – wash it first thing in the morning.

If you hair is getting oily during the night – wash it first thing in the morning! Yes you will need to get up more early but you’ll thank me later! No husband want to see and smell oily hair on his wife! Not interested at all!

Your hair remembers everything! If you don’t wash your hair, be sure that all kitchen smells are in your hair! That will destroy any potential erection that your husband might have!

Don’t ever sleep with tied hair! It will only speed falling off and decrease it’s quality! Let your hair rest. Let your husband smell it during the night and cuddle in the morning! Because you want to get gorgeous hair and make your husband faint!

Don’t follow the crappy advices that say you’re hair will be thinner if you wash it more often! Your hair will only get cleaner and that’s the whole truth! You husband will be delighted smelling clean and lovely hair when cuddling with you! Why won’t you enjoy some pleasurable and happy moments with your husband?

Damaged edges are more dry and restless! Don’t forget to cut the edges every couple of months. If your hair grows faster, do it more often! I’m not interested in any excuses. This is simple MUST that every woman knows!

Read carefully about content of tint! Has ammonium? Don’t buy it!


Mary (35) and Susan (43), two neighbors, are sharing incredible true stories about who made their husbands crazy about them!

Give yourself a second honeymoon by applying their advices. They know how because they have succeed it! Become a real lady and keep your husband interested!

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